First blog post

People often tell me I should write a blog about my children and the funny things they come out with. I’ve shrugged it off for a long time thinking that they’re just being nice. I mean, everyone’s children have quirks, funny little things they say and the ability to annoy the shit out of their parents from time to time. Plus there is only so much a mother of 4 with a hardworking husband and a part-time bar job can write about. Right? Right! But I thought “Sod it” and decided to write one anyway.

I’m a complete technophobe so don’t even know if I’m going about this the right way! I hope I am. Otherwise this is just going to be a complete waste of my time.

So, like many kiddies up and down the country, mine went back to school today. Which means that my weekdays are now filled with absolutely nothing but housework and box sets of tv programmes of years gone by.

Me, like a complete idiot, I cried as I walked away from the playground this morning. I’m fairly sure it was because I’m actually going to miss having 4 kids fighting, moaning , continually asking for food yet refusing what I have to offer. Only to complain 30 seconds later that they’re starving, or asking for a tenner to waste on crisps and fizzy drinks. But equally it could have been because by 9am today I’d already been up for 4 hours and was feeling that bedtime felt so far away yet I knew the next 24 hours would fly by and before I knew it, it would be Tuesday and I’d be here doing it all over again.

You see I really don’t like routine. I’m not sure when this came about. But I have a feeling that it stems from this rebellious streak I seem to have (which also makes me super argumentative) but I have a son with autism that loves routine. He loves doing things at set times. Which crushes a little piece of my soul – which is an incredibly free spirit! I’m easily distracted and always late.

Now I’m that annoying parent who will count the days until half term so I can spend a week in my pyjamas,  doing minimal housework and catching up on whichever box set I happen to have stumbled across.


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